Do you have unneeded items you'd like to re-home? We'll sell for you on consignment. Want to sell it on eBay? We do that too. Antiques? Yep, we do those too. We have large resale show room for all of your collectables and a large back room to accommodate larger items such as furniture.


• Our front showroom showcases our extensible selection of vintage and antique collectibles. In addition to our showroom we have a large 2500 sq ft furniture warehouse.

More, More, & More

• We also carry items from local businesses. Stop in to see our other goods.

• Great Lakes Tissue

• Salty Wench Caramels are heavenly!

• Carnation Restaurant

• Jarman's Maple Syrup

• Skin Scents/Common Scents

• Hand painted slate rock from Calypso Studio

resale at shipping store and more in Cheboygan mi

Christmas Village resale

Salty wench caramels resale

resale Tea pot, cups and salt shakers, baking storage containers

resale Wood bowls at shipping store and more

resale shipping store and more Christmas decorations.

Christmas resale

resale colored snowmen at shipping store and more

pancakes at shipping store and more resale


• If you have been looking to grab some extra cash, consign your stuff today! Items accepted Tuesday - Thursday or by appointment.

• Need to get rid of a houseful? We can assist! Call 231-627-3000 and schedule an appointment with one of our friendly associates.